the dream

Hayden’s House of Healing developed once we saw the immense success and irreplaceable impact the 'Healing of the Heart' retreat had on the 50 women who had the opportunity to attend the first two years.  A few months into our preparations for our second retreat, I had a vision that I just couldn’t let go of - and now that several retreats have transpired since those first two, I know it is my calling from God and from Hayden - the next project on his agenda in my life-long quest in honoring him.

This space is a place of reflection, connection, and restoration. The journey through grief is complicated and complex. By providing the grieving community with a place they can present themselves in a candid, authentic and genuine way, we are aiding and facilitating in the healing process in ways the outside world cannot.

Hayden’s House supports not only bereaved mothers in finding peace and solace, but also for fathers, families, couples and children to find the same comfort and understanding as they navigate their own personal loss.

While we have finally secured our forever home, we still need to raise funds to help us pay for our mortgage - and we need YOU to help us reach our goal. If you would like to assist us in our fundraising efforts, please visit our contribute page.