• July 11 - 14th - Nevada City, California

  • August 22 - 25th - Stuyvesant NY (HEART LOSS ONLY)

  • September 5 - 8th - Stuyvesant NY

Retreats listed support mothers grieving the loss of any child - of any age - and due to any type of loss, unless otherwise specified.

The cost of a retreat is $500. However, we have secured PARTIAL scholarships ($250) for ALL mothers attending in 2019. (If you have previously attended a Healing of the Heart retreat, you are not eligible for a scholarship)

Apply HERE to attend a 2019 Healing of the Heart retreat.

This scholarship will require you to pay the remaining $250 for the retreat. These will be awarded on a first come basis.

Please email if you have any questions.


‘Healing of the Heart’ is a retreat that was created off of the inspiration of Landon’s Legacy- founded by a fellow loss mom in Canada as a special place for grieving mothers to connect and heal on levels only other bereaved mothers can relate to.

After being led to Amelia’s retreat through an online connection, Hayden’s mom, Ady, knew she needed to create something similar for mothers where they would find a tranquil place to find solace and relaxation for bereaved mothers.

For the past four years, Hayden’s Heart has hosted an annual ‘Healing of the Heart’ retreat.  Each created an instant connection words can’t begin to describe. An unbreakable bond was formed those weekends, and the relationships are deeper than everyone in attendance expected to develop.

Our goal this year is to again create the same peaceful space for bereaved mamas by offering healing techniques, group discussions and activities, personal reflections and other methods to assist in the healing process.



Whole group and small group discussions: Being with other bereaved mamas is something most of us find so rare, yet incredibly comforting and powerful. During the retreat, you will have an opportunity to participate in several whole group and small group discussions. Topics will be determined based on the needs of the mothers in attendance.

Meditation and Relaxation through Yoga and other methods: Yoga is defined as a spiritual discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple mediation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Yoga and light stretching activities will be available in the morning, serving as a relaxing and peaceful way to start each day.

Memorial Projects: There will be several memorial projects offered throughout our time together. It is a time to reflect on and remember our angels through a tangible process, either independently or as a group.

Exploration of the Outdoors: Our home sit on beautiful land and spectacular open space - allowing the perfect opportunity for individual or shared exploration. This will lend itself for time to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings all while bonding with other mothers, or using the time for self-meditation.

Personal Reflection: As adults, mothers, career women, spouses, daughters, friends...the list of roles we take on daily is endless. Take in some moments during the retreat for personal reflection and remembrance of your child and your journey, as we believe this independent time is an essential part of the healing process.

Sharing Our Angels: As grieving mothers we can often feel alienated from the rest of the world. For most of us, we rarely get the chance to talk about our children with the outside world. Use this weekend as a platform to talk to and about them- sharing as much or as little of your journey as you feel comfortable. We will say their names, and we will honor and remember them- all while taking much needed time for yourself and your personal healing.


Each of the 2019 retreats has a limited space for 20 bereaved moms.

Cost for the retreat is $500. We do have partial scholarships that will be offered. If you are interested in a partial scholarship, please complete that registration form above.

Retreat guests will stay in either a private, double or shared room. Your stay includes all meals and snacks during the retreat starting with a nutritious dinner on Thursday evening to a healthy lunch before closing ceremonies on Sunday, and every meal and snack in between.

All activities such as yoga, memorial projects and other healing techniques are included in your stay. No additional costs will arise once your payment has been made in full. (This does NOT include travel expenses)


Once you submit your application, you will be directed to PayPal to submit full payment. Your application will not be received if you do not submit payment at that time.

PayPal is the preferred method of payment, however if you need to use a different source, please email to coordinate. Please make contact before attempting to submit application.