Hayden’s House | 20 Ivan Road | Columbia NJ 07832

DATES 2020:

October 23 - 25

Application / registration COMING SOON!


‘Woven’ is designed to be for couples who overall have a strong foundation but seem to struggle and understand each other's way of grieving. I like to think my husband Rob and I are a strong couple but even seven years in, we still struggle to understand the way each other grieves. And it just never seems to be the right time to talk about it. Life takes over and it always gets pushed to the side.

Our hope with this retreat is that couples will have a chance to come together with each other and other couples and will share at their own comfort level individually as a couple or within the group, and that level of sharing will be unique to each couple and person. This retreat does have some structure, but there will be a lot of time given to just be with your partner and take that much needed time to dig into each others grief and find ways to acknowledge, support, and understand one another. We realize that men and women grieve very differently, and that will be respected and accepted. 



Whole group and small group discussions: Being with other bereaved couples is something most of us find so rare, yet incredibly comforting and powerful. During the retreat, you will have an opportunity to participate in several whole group and small group discussions. Topics will be determined based on the needs of the couples in attendance.

Independent time with spouse: Uninterrupted time with each other is so rare - take advantage this weekend to use that time to explore one another in grief and learn ways you can help each other in the healing process.

Personal Reflection: Take in some moments during the retreat for personal reflection and remembrance of your child and your journey, as we believe this independent time is an essential part of the healing process.

Exploration of the Outdoors: Our home sit on a peaceful and quiet land - complete with a spectacular view of our own private lake - allowing the perfect opportunity for individual or shared exploration. This will lend itself for time to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings all while bonding with other couples, or using the time for self-meditation.

Sharing Our Angels: As grieving parents we can often feel alienated from the rest of the world. For most of us, we rarely get the chance to talk about our children with the outside world. Use this weekend as a platform to talk to and about them- sharing as much or as little of your journey as you feel comfortable. We will say their names, and we will honor and remember them- all while taking much needed time for you and your spouse, and your personal healing as a couple.


 - Couples total cost is $500.00 - not including travel expenses

Couples will stay in a private room. Your stay includes all meals and snacks during the retreat starting with a nutritious dinner on Friday evening to a healthy lunch before closing ceremonies on Sunday, and every meal and snack in between.

All activities are included in your stay. No additional costs will arise once your payment has been made in full. (This does NOT include travel expenses)


Once you submit your application, you will be directed to PayPal to submit full payment. Your application will not be received if you do not submit payment at that time.

PayPal is the preferred method of payment, however if you need to use a different source, please email to coordinate. Please make contact before attempting to submit application.